Welcome to Early Learning in Jeffco

Authentic, experience-based, and engaging learning begins in preschool. Jeffco preschools build a foundation of academic, social-emotional, and physical learning so children are ready for school and a thriving future in Kindergarten and beyond.

Our programs are play-based and responsive to student needs so that children can be curious, joyful, and gain self-confidence while learning through inquiry and developing academic and social emotional skills.

Early Learning at Campbell

Learning must make sense to the student (even the youngest students) in order to be effective and meaningful. A child's point of view is completely respected and the student is encouraged to follow their own educational path. It is believed that a child's driving sense of curiosity, along with their inherent potential will foster an interest in learning, allowing them to learn and succeed long-term. It is that curiosity and potential that should ultimately set the path and the direction that any and all learning will follow. 

In order to support each child’s curiosity, each of our classrooms has loose parts. What are loose parts? Loose parts are any collection of natural or manmade objects that can be used to extend and further ideas in children’s play. They are open-ended materials, such as rocks, sticks, sea shells, wooden spools, moss, tree cookies, keys, etc. Loose parts offer children infinite opportunities to play as they can be moved, combined, taken apart, redesigned, lined-up and more! There is no predetermined use or function. The purpose of these open ended materials is for the child to do the thinking instead of a manufactured toy that has set directions. This is beneficial because it provides students with the opportunity to reach a deeper cognitive level of thinking, problem solving, and persisting.

What is a play invitation and what is its purpose?

A play invitation or exploration is an invitation or suggestion to explore a subject through dramatizing, designing, building, drawing, writing, reading and researching, typically using open ended materials. Providing these invitations allows your child to become an independent learner.  The time that we provide them to independently explore will allow them to grow the resources, tools and infrastructures they need for learning academics and social skills. These include curiosity and innovation in learning, self control of feelings and behavior, engagement and persistence, ability to build relationships, resilience and flexibility.

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